Find the full potential of your diverse team and boost your intercultural competence with 6 MOK Tools!

MOK Intercultural Competence Training

Intercultural communication is a key workplace skill in our highly networked and multicultural world. It is in the very core of both inclusive customer service and multicultural group management. MOK is a training designed specifically to increase intercultural competence of professionals working with diverse groups. It provides you with the intercultural communication skills and tools for culturally sensitive approach. Our guided framework introduces 6 ready-to-use tools!

MOK was originally designed for coaches and instructors of diverse sports and youth groups. However, professionals from other fields expressed their interest in intercultural competence training and the training was launched to serve a variety of professions. Teachers, social workers, nurses and leaders of other multicultural groups and teams have found and loved MOK!

In MOK, you will both learn the theoretical background of intercultural communication and have the opportunity to share experiences and reflect on your role with the training group. The six inclusive management tools help your group members achieve better integration and performance.

Join us in one of our ongoing trainings or ask for a training tailored to your organization! Training available in English and Finnish (other languages by special requests).

Great and relaxed ambience! Everyone should learn about these matters!
Thank you! The training gave new perspective on familiar things!



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